5 Back to School Breakfast ideas

We need to start thinking differently about breakfast and feeding our kids foods that will not cause huge blood sugar spikes which will crash when they hit school and are at school trying to think, absorb new info and learn.  We need slow release foods to nourish and sustain with plenty of good quality fats, protein and nutrient dense foods to set our kids up for a brilliant day. 

We are a nation addicted to breakfast cereals and the issue with most food that comes in a cardboard box is the amount of refined sugar, additives and fortified minerals which are not setting our kids up well. We can do better with real, natural whole foods. 

Here are 5 simple ideas for great nourishing back to school breakfasts.


A complete protein and a powerhouse of nutrients and minerals. Fry them, boil them, poach them, or if you have kids who don’t like eggs try mixing a couple of eggs with some buckwheat flour a banana,  a handful of blueberries and some coconut oil and then frying them into little piklets.  These are a great for lunchboxes too! 

Wholegrain Oats

You can’t beat porridge! Good quality organic oats and some water with a teaspoon of Magic Sprinkles is a great powerhouse for breakfast. Oats are a highly nutritive food but they are best soaked for nutrient absorption, so pop them into a saucepan the night before (this cuts down cooking time hugely too!)  Pimp your porridge with some yogurt, fresh fruit, cinnamon or even a grated apple which makes a delicious nutrient dense breakfast. 

Fruit with nuts, seeds and yoghurt

Don’t believe the hype! Fruit is a fabulous way to start the day. Fruit clears the digestive tract and gets the bowels moving.  The best fruit to eat is whatever is seasonal, fresh and local and if you can get fruit without pesticides and sprays then even better!  Fruit is great to eat in addition to good quality whole fat yoghurt, nuts and seeds or with our very own Magic Sprinkles! A nutrient powerhouse designed to get more real foods into kids. 


This is a great way to get a powerhouse of nutrition into kids. Smoothies are a great way to get lots of diverse stuff that you may struggle to get them to eat on their own.  If you are using greens in kids, smoothies just make sure you rotate them and don’t use the same greens every day. A small handful of baby spinach is a brilliant addition to smoothies and can be easily disguised. Just make sure that your breaky smoothies have a good amount of fat in them to keep kids full.  Some ideas for fats are nuts, seeds, coconut oil, avocado or coconut cream.  Frozen bananas make the best natural sweetener for delicious smoothies.

Leftover dinner from the night before!

Breakfast can be anything! It doesn’t have to be typical or traditional breakfasts – leftover savoury foods can make a perfect breakfast or lunchbox snack. Rice, lentils, sausages or anything that can be easily reheated or eaten can make a perfect breakfast for the day ahead. 

If you want to add a nutrition powerhouse to your kids breakfast our Magic Sprinkles are filled with organic superfoods to give kids a great start to the day! A teaspoon of Magic Sprinkles is the perfect way to send kids to school nourished and ready to learn! 

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