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Beautiful day with one of my twins in the sunshine picking strawberries  We picked and ate and picked and ate. But mostly we talked…. about all the little things that were bothering him. It struck me later that kids need space to open up and share all the little things when the pressure is off and there is no expectation to do so.  
I learnt that he didn’t eat his lunch for 2 days because another kid stuck his finger in his lunchbox and touched his food and that made him really upset. 
I learnt that he was told off for not listening by his teacher in the line. I learnt that he wants to sleep in the same room again as his twin and it hurts it feelings because the other twin doesn’t want to. 
I learnt that he’s looking forward to our holiday in Bali and it feels like it’s ages away.  I learnt that he loves his cat most when she sleeps on his bed and if he holds her for a long time without moving – even if she doesn’t want to cuddle at first – she soon finds a warm spot and falls asleep and this makes him happy.
 I learnt that he loves strawberry picking even better than last year because the strawberries are much bigger and we didn’t have to walk as far as last time and he loved that it was just the two of us without his brother. 
 I learnt that he feels that I spend alot of time on my computer and am on my phone ALOT after school and he wants me to read to him more – maybe a new series or the new treehouse book. 
So while today was about strawberry picking but it was mostly about connection…and it was a huge reminder within the busy times to make space for connection with my kids. To slow down. To put my phone away. To ignore my FB notifications if they are talking to me. To do stuff to really engage with my kids. This is not easy for me. Sometimes I truly forget how important this is.. for us both. 
“Listen earnestly to anything your children want to tell you, no matter what. If you don’t listen eagerly to the little stuff when they are little, they won’t tell you the big stuff when they are big – because to them it has always been big stuff” Source unknown.

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