Fruit Sugar

Fruit rocks

Do you know what I find hilariously funny?

The constant asking me ‘wooaah aren’t you worried about feeding your kids ALL THAT FRUIT?’ What about all the SUGAR?’

Fruit rocks
We love fruit!

The same people who ask me are feeding their kids Ritz crackers and BBQ shapes.

My answer: NOPE. Not even slightly worried.

My kids live on fruit all summer and so do I. In winter not so much because we try to eat seasonally.

I don’t limit their fruit consumption whatsoever. I would far rather them have a whole watermelon, 5 apples, 2 bananas and a punnet of blueberries after school than a box of processed crackers and rice cakes. There is no comparison for me.

We eat a balanced diet with lots of fresh veggies, my boys eat very small amounts of grass fed and grass finished meat (I am vego) and we all eat plenty of nuts and seeds and heaps and heaps and HEAPS of fruit. We also do exercise and move our bodies every day. (I have twin boys – if I don’t run them hard nobody gets any rest!!)

I’m not in alignment with many naturopaths, nutritionists, dieticians and even the paleo ideology that we should limit our kids fruit consumption. In fact I completely disagree!

I find it really bizarre that people are super worried about my children eating 3 bananas but are happy to feed their kids processed foods containing ingredients with GM origins with additives, preservatives, refined sugar and hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Fruit sugar is a highly misunderstood concept.

Loved this article from Tegan Steele Vegie Girl. Thought she explained it all brilliantly.…/dont-be-afraid-of-frui…/

“Fruit is perfectly designed for the human body to eat. Fruit contains Water, vitamins and minerals and is made up of fibre that makes us regular. If you don’t go to the toilet regularly your probably not eating enough fruit.

Fruit unfortunately gets blamed for everything.

People say the you will get High Blood Sugar from eating too much sugar, which is the cause for diabetes, candida and chronic fatigue.. This is incorrect. In actual fact too much fat in the blood makes it difficult for fruit sugars to get out of our blood, causing high blood sugar. So fat is actually the cause.

Top 10 Benefits of eating fruit

1. Fruit consists for the larger part of water
As does the human body, we are made up of mostly water.
2. Fruit stimulates the brain & memory
Fruit is the ultimate brain fuel. Fruit has a positive effect on our memory and helps you recall information faster.
3. Healing
There have been incredible stories of people who have healed themselves naturally on a plant based fruit and vegetables diet.
4. Fruit is not expensive
Buying fruit compared to packaged foods is not expensive at all.
5. Fruit is high in fibre
Fruit contains fibre which helps keep your digestive system clean and prevents digestive problems.
6. Fruit is 100% bad cholesterol free
You can only find bad Cholesterol in animal products.
7. Fruit is energizing
Fruit is easy to digest, therefore more energy can go into repair and energy for everyday tasks and exercise.
8. Fruit is ethical
Fruit doesn’t have to be slaughtered to be eaten.
9. Fruit is 100% Natural
Fruit is natural and is grown by mother nature to feed us. It is delicious and healthy at the same time.
10. Fruit is delicious

Yes fruit is sweet and tasty. You will not crave other foods when you eat enough fruit.”
How good are the blueberries & organic strawberries at the moment?? OMG. I’m in berry heaven.

Are you scared of feeding your kids too much fruit? Or do you embrace fruit at your place? Lets talk about it…. Alisa x

Fruit rocks
We love fruit!

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