Feeding babies real food

So… this may come as a big surprise to you but rice cereal is not a great choice for your babies first foods. First foods need to be REAL, FRESH, WHOLEFOODS. Lots of healthy fats and an array of fresh, organic vegetables and fruits! We have lots of tips and recipes for baby food recipes delivered in our newsletters!



Making wholefood choices

My twins at 6 months old ready to start solids.
My twins at 6 months old ready to start solids.

What you feed your baby in those early months is so incredibly important and feeding them whole foods which are free of chemicals and pesticides is essential.  Babies don’t need the extra work of detoxing from chemical sprays, fungicides and pesticides which are on most of the traditionally grown foods.

Healthy-Kids_23Why buy organic?

Buying organic and biodynamic food is the best thing you can do for your baby. Making things from scratch that is from fresh beautiful ingredients and living whole foods is so important to feed a growing little person. Just because something comes in a jar and says organic is NOT the same as making it fresh. I think pre-made baby food (organic or not) that comes with no living enzymes that has been heated at super high temperatures destroying essential vitamins and minerals is not good enough for your baby.

The right food = thriving babies

Babies deserve to be nourished and be allowed to grow into beautiful children that are not high on sugar, ladened with foods that are high in chemicals, artificial colours, flavours and additives that rob their precious bodies from thriving. I started this website with the intention of inspiring other mums to feed their children the way nature intended and to support other families who want the best for their children nutritionally – because only the best will do!

Sunshine, water, love, fresh air and real whole foods made from scratch!