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Kelly on Jan 07, 2024

This stuff is beautiful. We’ve used it for a few weeks now also with the sleepy balm and it’s really helping my son chill out after bath and get ready for bed. He has incredibly sensitive skin and has had no issues with this at all.

Jazz on Mar 19, 2023

We love this bath/shower wash for the kids. Nice bubbles for the bathtub, gets their hair clean too and smells so nice and not overpowering – and as always good to know that it’s safe for our babies.

Jessica Naylor-Owen on Mar 19, 2023

Love this bath wash!
We have been using straight up coconut or almond oil in the bath for my son who has eczema we struggle to control.
We have switched to Sleepy Head Bath Wash and his skin comes out soft and smelling amazing. The lavender in it helps to calm him as well – we also use the Sleepy Head Balm after bath – plus we can use it on his hair – completely natural, smells great, brilliant two in one.

Holly Melling on Jan 27, 2023

We love this bath wash and shampoo. It has a lovely delicate scent and washes my daughters hair well.

Desiree on Jan 01, 2023

My absolute favourite bath wash! I stock up every single time its on sale and genuinely get upset when we run out. My kids love the scent and enjoy fluffing up the bath to make bubbles appear.

Tina Berkley on Oct 24, 2022

I love this product, it is so easy to use, smells great and cleans so well. It is also amazing on my little ones sensitive skin. Wouldn’t use any other product

Laura on Oct 23, 2022

Relaxing bath for children. My kids love the scent!

Tina Berkley on Oct 17, 2022

I have been using this product and many other products from this company for several years now and love them. They have saved my sanity

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  • Sleepy Head Bath Wash is Australian Certified Organic
  • Sulphate Free & Paraben Free
  • Beautiful herbal ingredients
  • A Bath Wash & Shampoo combined into one
  • Sleepy Head Bath Wash gently cleans your little one’s hair and scalp without irritation and dryness
  • Its emollient properties help to moisturise kids delicate skin
  • Sleepy Head Bath Wash is suitable for curly, wavy and thick hair leaving it soft, untangled and hydrated
  • Evening Primrose Oil has been added for its softening effects and leaves you and little ones feeling freshly clean and moisturised.
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