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Mellena Marriott
October 8, 2018

With Daddy and little miss 4 down with a horrid cold and mister 16 showing signs of going down the same path I got out our Mini Warrior oil and fired up the defuser. Worked wonders, not only did the house smell clean and fresh but the family soon improved. Man flu prevented again.

Catherine TIERNEY
September 19, 2018

We couldn’t have survived this winter without our favourite oil the mini warrior! Our little girl has Down syndrome & is prone to colds & respiratory problems, together with the chesty balm these are the only things that have worked & given her a comfortable nights sleep. Everyone who visits our home comments on its beautiful smell our whole family love it!

Nichole Robinson
July 2, 2018

My sister and her children came to stay with us recently and I had this oil in vapouriser for the duration of their stay. Their four month had a bit of a post nasal drip and ended up only waking once through the night, instead of three or four times. I sent my bottle of oil and the chesty rub home with her and she’s very impressed!

July 2, 2018

Smells great, kids love it and so happy knowing it will help keep my boys healthy this winter

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  • Certified Organic Essential Oil Blend
  • For use in a diffuser or oil burner
  • Can be used to soothe and decongest
  • Helps clear nasal passages and maintain clear breathing
  • Specifically created to soothe and comfort