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Jessica on Aug 21, 2022

Love the smell!

Ebony Carter on Jul 19, 2022

This is my all time favourite from 123 . I use it in humidifiers, oil burners and put it straight I to my boys skin to try and help protect them from the winter bugs . It smells yum and I will try anything to keep kids well and this really helps .

Kayla on Jul 28, 2021

A few drops of this mixed with water in our wax melters when the kids are sick helps them both breath through the night. Also doesn’t smell like a chemical so hubby and I also enjoy it

Emma Macleod on Jul 20, 2021

My boys love the smell of the Wellness Warrior oil in their diffuser. Definitely great for the winter weather we are having at the moment. It also helps that they aren’t breathing in any nasty chemicals.

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  • 100% Certified Organic Essential Oil Blend
  • For use in a diffuser or oil burner
  • Can be used to soothe and decongest
  • Helps clear nasal passages and maintain clear breathing
  • Specifically created to soothe and comfort
  • Refreshing, clearing, releasing, reviving and stimulating