How to Survive Kids Parties Without Additives and Preservatives

Birthdays and parties are such a beautiful time of celebration and what can often happen is that the day ends up turning into crazy blur with kids running lose on a wild sugar high.  Believe me when I say it is possible to have a party filled with gorgeous, simple, easy party food that is chemical and additive free.

A new way to party!

I have done 3 parties in a row now free of refined sugar, artificial colours and artificial flavours. The kids loved the food! The parents loved the food. Everybody went home nourished and happy. It’s time we started being proud of serving real whole foods at kids parties. Whole food parties do not have to be boring! They can be bursting with colour, fun, beauty and deliciousness!

Party Poopers:

Refined Sugar, Additives, Artificial Colours, Artificial Flavours, Processed Foods, Artificial Sweeteners, Emulsifiers, MSG, Stabalisers, Thickeners, Gelling Agents and Preservatives


For kids just going to a party is stimulating. I believe we have an obligation as parents to provide grounding foods in times of high excitement and stimulation. Children’s nervous systems can be easily overloaded. High nutrient foods with lots of protein and good quality fat will keep kids grounded and their blood sugar levels in balance will allow them to truly enjoy the party and take in all the fun that they deserve!

123 Nourish Me Top 3 Party Tips

  1. Keep it simple!  If you are making lots of the food yourself make it easy.   A little goes a long way and kids come to parties to play and have fun. You almost always need to make less food than you think. Finger food portions work best. Mini bite size versions are they way to go.
  2. Bright and colourful fruit & veggies. Always make fruit and veggies the star of the party. Beautifully presented fruit and veggies can look spectacular.
  3. Mix of sweet and savoury and keep the sweet stuff away until later. Kids will graze on whatever is out first so make sure they are filled up with lots of savoury treats and fruit before bringing out the big guns (sweet stuff and cakes)
Be proud of the food you are serving! Other parents will appreciate their kids not being hyped up with refined sugar. Be an example of what is possible with parties and celebration. You may actually find other parents follow suit when they see what is possible!

If you are going to parties where you know lots of additives and preservatives are being served,

Here are 3 tips to help:

  1. Fill your child up before they go! Sending kids to parties starving will lead them to eat more of what is being served. We have been to countless parties where we drink a big banana smoothie in the car on the way filled with lots of good fats to keep kids full. That way they are not thinking about food but thinking about the socialisation aspect of the party.
  2. Empower your child to make great choices and no guilt! It can be a great learning tool to let your child go crazy at a party. My boys have overdone it many times and it’s a great opportunity to link the sore tummy with too much sugar so they can associate the food with how it makes them feel and make a different choice next time. ‘Yes I hear you are not feeling well. That’s great for you to learn that those foods can sometimes make tummy’s feel funny so that is something to think about for next time’
  3. Have fun and don’t stress!  Sometimes it’s a matter of going with it and if your child has had an overdose of additives and preservatives we can provide nourishing choices in an environment we can control – our home.  Encourage your child to drink lots of water or kids tea following the party and we want to providing nutrient rich simple foods like raw veggies.


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  • RED & PINK – beetroot juice, smashed raspberries, pink pataya powder
  • GREEN – spinach, spirulina, liquid chlorophyll, matcha powder
  • ORANGE – carrot juice
  • YELLOW – turmeric, mango, saffron, pineapple
  • BLUE & PURPLE – blueberries, acai berry powder, butterfly pea powder
  • BROWN –  raw cacao powder
  • ORANGE – Carrot Juice
  • Black – Activated Charcoal  – Just mixed a little activated charcoal into the chocolate version.
[/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””] [/su_column] [/su_row] If you need help getting more nutrients into kids Magic Sprinkles are filled with the good stuff that kids need every day!  If you want additive and preservative free delicious treats that are free from refined sugar, additives, preservatives our Magic Sprinkles Lunch Box Bites are super delicious! Kids love our Nourishing Kids Box filled with delicious organic real whole foods! [su_youtube url=”” width=”780″ height=”420″]  

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    What if your child is a noticeably different child on Additives, it’s too weird to pack yours own child’s party plate to abparty that they are invited to isn’t it?

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