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Nourish Me Immune Booster Mash

Yields1 ServingPrep Time25 mins

Delicious immune boosting mash!

 1 large sweet potato
 2 tbs Magic Sprinkles
 1 can organic butter beans
 1 small onion
 3 cloves garlic (avoid cheap white chinese garlic at all costs as is highly toxic and sprayed with some horrible fungicides. ¬†Australian purple garlic or Spanish garlic is best!)
 3 tbs olive oil
 1/2 tsp organic vanilla extract
 1/2 tsp nourish me stock¬†(or salt)
 1 tbs butter or cream (optional)

Peel and cut up sweet potato into cubes and place in a pot of boiling water (I actually don't peel as my boys are used to a more gritty mash and I love the taste of the skins but peeling with give you a smoother mash if that is what you are used to) add onion and garlic and boil with lid on until sweet potato tender


Second way to make is to roast sweet potato, onion & garlic in the oven on a tray at 180 degrees until soft


Remove and drain sweet potato, onion and garlic if boiling and if baking remove from oven


Open butter beans, drain all liquid and wash with running water. Make sure they are rinsed well


In a pan lighly cook beans in olive oil with stock or salt


Put all ingredients in food processor or thermomix and blend until smooth. If too thick add a little cream, butter or some liquid stock.


Serve and enjoy!

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size Big bowl

Servings 1