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So Sunday is pancake day in our house. If you haven’t tried my amazing Nourish Me Pancakes yet – give them a go they are sure fire hit with kids. Recipe here! 

I was in the middle of cooking pancakes last weekend and I suddenly realised I had made a dreadful mistake. It’s actually a mistake that I have made before. In fact it’s one that I make ALL THE TIME.

When I started talking about my mistake today to some other mums I realised it’s actually a very common mistake that mums make frequently.

Well I’m here to officially say the mistake has been recognised, clocked and it’s time to correct it. Who’s with me??

My mistake..

What’s my mistake?

I sometimes forget to feed myself!

Actually totally forget. Other than maybe a few scraps left on someone plate at the end of the meal that I eye off like a hovering seagull.

This is the thing with mums – we are so busy looking after every one else and making sure they all have food in their bellies that we put ourselves LAST.  What the hell?? The reality is with 2 gorgeous but somewhat narcissistic demanding toddlers running around they (totally naturally) demand that it be all about them.. and most of the time it is and that’s fine, add a hungry husband to the mix and it’s not long  until mums run out of steam. Did I mention I can go a whole day too and forget to go to the loo?? But that is a whole other post. Back to food.

So by the time I had made sure everyone in my house had been well fed with beautiful nourishing pancakes it was time to clean up, I wolfed down one in the most unglamorous fashion and began the clean up process which left me kind of exhausted and yes I hate to admit it… hungry, unsatisfied and tired! I realise that it does not have to be this way. Making the decision to feed myself first can completely shift the entire dynamic of the meal.

Time for change

I’ve worked out that for my family to function well – I need to FEED MYSELF FIRST.  This goes against every thing that I naturally do but it’s actually what needs to happen. Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for sitting down to eat together and this is the goal every single meal – but with something like pancakes it is not going to happen. There is dropped forks to be replaced, water to be fetched , maple syrup to be poured and pancakes to be flipped.

New flippin’ rules

So family – you are officially on notice. From this point on – mum gets fed first – every. single. time. I’m taking it with a sense of entitlement because putting myself first will actually benefit everyone. Husband & Children. Why is it so unnatural and unfamiliar to do this??

It’s only when we give to ourselves we have the strength and energy to give the best to those we love. In fact we are actually doing our children a dis-service if we do not prioritise our own basic needs.  So for the next week this is my experiment – I’m my number one priority – and I choose this because I really really love my family. Who’s with me??

Feed yourself first muma's!
Feed yourself first muma’s!

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