What You Need to Know About Tinned Food

We are becoming a nation that is addicted to eating food out of tins.  As I walked down the supermarket aisle row after row of fresh foods being sold in cans. So what is the problem with this?

Okay lets break it down!

3 reasons to avoid eating tinned foods

  1. Often canned food needs to have a preserving agent so there can be high amounts of additives and preservatives, refined sugar and salt along with the food. Check your ingredients!  You want to be aware of what is sneaking into foods.
  2. They May Contain Trace Amounts of BPA. BPA (Bisphenol-A) is a chemical that is often used in food packaging, including tins. … One study looked at 78 different tinned foods and found BPA in over 90% of them. What’s more, research has made it clear that eating tinned foods is a leading cause of BPA exposure.
  3. Vital force or ‘prana’ of foods is super important!  That means the energy and the life force foods have. Recently picked fresh fruits and veggies have the highest life force and energy.  Tinned foods that have been sitting in tins for months or sometimes years do not have the same vitality as foods that are living alive. We want to be eating fresh and alive foods to feel our best Eating a diet rich in life force also helps us to feel more alive and for this reason it’s better to avoid eating canned and heavily processed foods prepared with chemical fertilisers or sprays.

Remember convenience isn’t always best for our health. It’s just as easy to chop up some fresh tomatoes rather than using cans or buy some tomato passata in glass!  It’s super easy to soak some beans overnight in water rather than using tinned beans.

Some studies now link BPA levels found in tinned foods to depression for children.  What we eat can impact how we feel and we want to be eating foods in their purest forms instead of foods that have been heavily processed.

Some super simple changes can make BIG differences to our health so next time you go to grab a can of food – try to think if there is a better alternatives and if you could grab some of the real food instead!

3 Simple Swaps for commonly bought tinned food

1 –  Tomatoes – Buy a bag of fresh tomatoes instead of canned – always tastes better and so easy to add to common dishes like bolognaise and this way will be free of sugar, salt and other refined ingredients. If you can’t buy fresh then buy tomato passata (puree) packaged in glass

2 – Beans –  Buy dry beans and soak overnight!  This is super easy and just involves sitting them in a bowl of water and letting them soak. Make your own bakes beans by frying up some onion and fresh tomato with sea salt and add your soaked beans in – delicious!

3 – Corn – Much of the tinned corn is genetically modified so better to buy fresh corn that is grown and harvested in Australia!

Remember fresh is best!


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