Fun Free Activities to Do With Your Child During the Holidays

If you have the luxury of spending time with your kids these holidays, you might be searching for fun free activities to do with them. Remember that you don’t always need holidays booked and friends around for your kids to enjoy time away from school.  Our best holidays have been when we wake up late, take our time and enjoy each other.  Here are my top 10 things to do which we all enjoy 🙂

Our Top 10 Activities

Put together a talent show

I was really surprised how much my kids got into this last holidays! They would be so excited about the planning process and spend at least an hour creating a dance routine, poetry recital or performance of some sort. We usually held it at night with friends after dinner and I wondered why I’d never tried this before.

Go swimming or snorkeling

The water is a big one for us, particularly now the boys are into surfing. They can spend literally hours in the water and the best thing is I get to relax! If you have a snorkel and goggle set, consider driving to a reef or interesting bit of the coast where the kids can snorkel too. There’s nothing like fish to keep the kids entertained.

Create a puppet show

If you have odd socks lying around (like we do!) use them to create funny puppet characters with texters and some craft materials. The endless stories that the kids create will keep their imagination occupied for hours.

Go for a picnic

The kids love this! I get them to help put food together for a picnic and we choose a park or forest to relax and explore.

Go Geocaching

Fun! Download the geocaching app and find hidden treasure trails near you. There’s only one rule: “If you take some stuff from a hidden stash, you have to leave some stuff”. This will literally entertsin the kids for hours.

Go on a bike ride

We all love a good bike ride, especially if there’s a reward on the other end like lunch at the markets or a swim at the other end. I love it because we all get so much exercise and the kids are usually exhausted by the end of the day so we just chill afterwards.

Create your own treasure hunt

This can be really fun if planned well. Create a treasure map with one clue leading to the next.

Visit the library

This is great for kids imaginations and to work out what sort of books interest them. This is an activity I save for a rainy day.

Build a cubby

Every child loves building a den or fort. They can use bedsheets, boxes and cushions to create somewhere they can hide, play with their friends or just relax. As long as they know they need to put everything back at the end of the day!

Go Bird watching

I love this. It might sound a little strange but bird watching can be so much fun if you have a book about birds or some sort of app to learn about the different species of birds. You can start by laying some seeds in the garden or at the park and getting out the binoculars.

We hope you’re having a great holiday together and if you’re working, remember there are after hours things that can be done too. Like a night walk together, a movie night or just something simple like creating a nice dinner for each other. Danni x

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