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What we feed our kids MATTERS. Foods we eat can also build the strongest healthiest bodies that equip our children for life. Rearing children on a nourishing diet ensures that they form healthy cells, and healthy bodies, which in turn create healthy immune systems that can stave off bacteria, deal with viruses and develop normally.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic should make up the bulk of a child’s diet, quality protein, grains and good oils, these foods are the secret, secret to good health for them and for us.

In addition to the basic food groups that we are all familiar with, there is also an array of vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and photochemical that are required for good health.

The food source needs to be rich in these nutrients. It’s truly amazing to watch when children are nutritionally sound, they can judge whether they are hungry or thirsty and their bodies will instinctively know what they need. When our diet is devoid of pesticides to scramble our cells and refined sugar to send it on a glucose spike, the body knows what it needs.

Many of our children’s diets are completely devoid of essential nutrients they need leading to a wide variety of issues. On top of being nutrient depleted the foods we are giving our kids are often filled with refined sugar, chemicals, preservatives & additives harming our children’s ability to develop optimally.

Everyday Food

Everyday foods are the non-negotiables that I feed my children daily. Fresh, real foods like filled with essential fats and an array of nutrients like avocado, spinach leaves, sunflower seeds, blueberries, bananas, cucumbers and carrots are things that I know are needed to develop. Healthy fats from nuts and seeds are wonderful to grow brain cells! It’s not hard to get these into your kids if you know how.  People are often surprised when they see my kids snacking on raw veggies, nuts and seeds but it’s now the way we eat and a part of our life and you can make it a part of yours too!

If you’re not sure where to start try this yummy smoothie! 

Lunchbox & Snacks

3 Food Ideas!

Chop up raw vegetables, vary it and make delicious dips.

 Try beans, snow peas, carrot, cucumber, celery, and corn. These always taste better when someone else chops them and are more appealing to eat, include them in their lunchboxes.

Be the example for them to follow, monkey see, monkey do.

I think this one is so important, our children just want to emulate us, mostly unconsciously, so do what you want your kids to do.

Make Sunday smoothie day.

Create a sensational smoothie using different fruits and vegetable concoctions every Sunday. Come up with ideas together and make a rule that it always must always include one vegetable. (Baby spinach can taste great in a smoothie with the right blend). Try our recipe Super Toddler Smoothie


Adios Sugar

This is the time to really cut back on refined sugar and processed foods. These foods do not build our kids up into the best versions of themselves.  

We have an incredible opportunity to recalibrate our kids taste buds and you may be really surprised how much more accepting of fresh fruits and vegetables they will be if they are exposed far less to refined sugar and processed foods.  

Team Work

Prepare food together!   Get out an array of vegetables and create a feast, set the table and enjoy the food.  Invite some family and friends over and make your child feel proud to eat good real food. Getting your kids cooking will equip them with skills that will set them up for life! Getting kids in the kitchen and cooking together is one of the greatest life skills you can give them. It’s especially important to get your kids cooking savoury meals not just baking sweet treats. Get them to chop veggies, crack eggs and stir pots. Let them be involved wherever possible!

No TV While Eating

Turn off your TV!!!  Start sitting around the table and eat together. Every meal. Every time. Teaching children to sit while they are eating is a very important part of both digestion and nutrition. Food should be eaten mindfully and really tasted, appreciated and savoured. To teach kids to appreciate flavours in foods requires attention.  TV numbs the senses and encourages overeating.

Make Food Fun!

Enjoy food! It can bring such joy to your life knowing you are eating and feeding your kids beautiful whole foods grown from nature – not foods made in a factory. Your kids are not science experiments – feed them the foods that nature intended.

Let’s get started!​

Need some ideas to get started?
Join the 123 Nourish Me Tribe and let’s go!

Let’s get started!​

Need some ideas to get started?
Join the 123 Nourish Me Tribe and let’s go!

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