Kids Tea

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Super sweet, super yummy, kids tea is here!

Kids Tea. Net weight: 110 grams

  • Kids tea is made with the highest quality organic herbal blend available
  • Contains ingredients that are carefully sourced from beautiful organic farms
  • Kids love the sweet, delicious taste!
  • A unique blend of organic liquorice, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon
  • Kids Tea tastes yummy while building, warming and nourishing little people
  • Designed to soothe & calm
  • Builds happy kids one cup at a time!

How to use Kids Tea

Steep for 5 minutes and serve luke warm all winter 

Our fave suggestions: Make up a batch in the morning and send to school in kids water bottles or as a calm down tea before bed (Check temp first!)

What’s in Kids Tea? 

Organic liquorice root, organic ginger root, organic cardamom pods, wildcrafted murunga (kakadu plum), organic cinnamon, organic dried rose petals.

The good stuff

Organic Liquorice Root

Liquorice Root has a sweet, nutritive taste. We use it because it makes our tea taste sweet and yummy! We only use the highest quality organic liquorice root available.

Organic Ginger Root

Ginger has been used for at least 2,000 years in cultures all around the world. We include it in our tea because of its amazing properties and its rich source of antioxidants. Ginger Root has a broad range of therapeutic actions.  We only use the highest quality of organic ginger root available.

Organic Cardamom Pods    

Cardamom is a powerful antioxidant related to ginger and is traditionally used to counteract digestive problems.  We only use the highest quality organic cardamom pods available.

Wild Crafted Murunga (Kakadu Plum) 

This miracle of nature is from the Kimberleys in Western Australia is used traditionally and is a potent, natural whole food source of Vitamin C.

Organic Cinnamon

here are two main types of cinnamon:

  • Ceylon cinnamon(Cinnamomum verum), often considered to be “true cinnamon”
  • Cassia cinnamon or Chinese cinnamon(Cinnamomum aromaticum), which originates from southern China, is typically less expensive than Ceylon cinnamon

We only use the highest quality organic ceylon cinnamon in our products.  We love cinnamon because it adds a warming, delicious flavour to our teas.

Organic Dried Rose Petals

We included these not only because it makes our teas look super pretty but because these delicate pink/red flowers make our tea fragrant and fruity and are rich in natural antioxidants.

Kids love the taste (and adults do too!)

Please note:  There is some research to suggest that long term use of some herbs are to be used with caution.  Please seek advice from your own healthcare professional but we suggest to limit the number of cups per day to no more than two for long term use.  The ratios and amounts of herbal mixes in our 123 Nourish Me Kids Tea has been carefully formulated, but as always, we encourage you to seek advice from your healthcare professional for individual concerns regarding your child.

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Kids Tea

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